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About Me

I make bright, functional stoneware pottery with a flowing, watercolor like glaze style for everyday use. From mugs to berry bowls, I strive to create pieces that inspire connection and serenity. I enjoy the calm focus of working on the wheel and have always loved experimenting with design and color.


Growing up in the PNW, I formed a strong connection with plants and the outdoors at an early age. I love gardening, hiking through the woods and playing on the beach with my family. Inspired from my love of nature, earthy elements and ethereal skies are reflected in my work.


Working alongside my husband, a wood turner, I also combine different types of wood with my pottery to make unique lidded jars and table lamps. I find wood and clay to be the perfect companions, highlighting each other’s beauty and natural attributes.


I live with my husband and two children on Vashon Island.

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